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  1. excellent job done, Dr. Arora keep it up.

  2. The life was hell with the problem of Premature Ejaculation but now after the treatment it's very good and both of us are enjoying now. Thanks Dr. Arora

    Umakanta pradhan
  3. your services are more than value for money.

  4. sir i have full faith on u i need your on line consultation thanx

    Rashid ali
  5. Ab life poori tarah se set hai, Thank you Sir.

  6. Hope to get the best possible benefits through online consultation.

    A k tomar
  7. amazing job done, keep it up doctor.

  8. Your site is providing very intellectual knowledge to impove everyone's sex life.

  9. good

    Ganesh velapure
  10. First time in my life, Now I am enjoying the sex life, Thanks to you.

  11. Good Job Sir, go a head and become the international leader in the field of sexology, you deserve it.

  12. Excellent experience.

    Vikash Dokania
  13. Being a Female it was very difficult for me to share my problem with any one, but thanks to online consultation which helped me to come out of my problems very easily. Thanks a lot , god bless.

  14. Thanks for your site, it's really very good and informative.

    Pankaj ahir
  15. Sir your service is really marvelous and your results are amazing. thanks for helping me to come out of my problems.

  16. I think you are Punjab's First USA certified Sexologist and you deserve it also.

  17. Congratulations Dr. Arora for being Honored by American Board of Sexology, USA. Congrats once again.

    Manoj sharma
  18. heartly i would like to say that Dr.Arora is the best physician as well as counseler of not only india but of alots of country..i thank Dr. sir to give us this kind of facilities..thank you sir.

  19. You are doing Great Job, Keep it Doctor.

  20. Your program Are You Alcoholic, helped me a lot weather I am an Alcoholic or Not, I am convinced with it and Now would like to quit alcohol with your help.

    Caliph M Mustafa
  21. Now we are also enjoying our married life. Thanks for helping us to achieve the pleasure of our dreams.

  22. It's the right place to get rid of sex problems and to get the right sex education..........

    Satyawan kumawat
  23. Big problems were coming between me and my wife because different different attitudes about sex, but dr aroras online consultation helped us a lot to resolve all the issue and now we are living happily and enjoying our sex life too. Thanx Dr. Arora

  24. it was good,and I have applied for online consultation at your website..

  25. It's really working for me..........

  26. I was thinking about penile enlargement from quite a long time, Now got the right place at this site, Now I will visit to Dr. Arora's Clinic personally and will get the surgical procedure done and will enjoy my sex life with bigger size.

  27. It was very difficult to live with Premature Ejaculation but now after getting the advice and treatment from Dr. Arora we are enjoying our sex life, the way we want to. It's a great help by Dr. Arora and his online consultation. God Bless You.

    Khaleel khan
  28. I have come out of a night mare after a very long time by the Help of Dr. Arora. Thanks Sir.

  29. I was facing a lot of problem and that too just at the age of 30 only, but Dr. Arora helped me come out of those, Now me and my wife both are satisfied. Thanks Dr. Arora God Bless you.

  30. I was in complex just because the size of the breast but Dr. Arora's clinic's surgical services helped me to gain my figure as per my expectations. god bless you dr.

    Padma Pande
  31. help us to regain love and color in our relationship, thanks to dr arora and his team.

    S.Srinivasa Rao
  32. I was worried about penis size a lot and it was adversely affecting my self confidence, but I was not able to find the right solution any where, ultimately I reached a this site through one of my friends reference and started online consultation, Dr. Arora and his team of Doctors described be the facts and now I am feeling relaxed a lot. Thanks a lot Dr. Arora

  33. Thanks Dr. Arora for helping me to come out of Premature Ejaculation and Penis Size problems.

  34. I was searching for the help related to my sex problems and this online consultation came as a miracle before me, it's wonder full and very help full. Thanks Dr. Keep it up.

  35. Thanks for helping Females to get the Virginity once again through the surgery Hymenoplasty. Keep it up. God Bless u.

    Ankita batra
  36. its really a good and bebeficiary information to know about sexual problems.

  37. Online Consultation is the need to of the hour due to rising problems and busy life........

    Dipankar Ghosh
  38. In a such stressful way of living, it is quite important to know that people like Mr Arora are there to provide consultancy , and positive practices in a several dilemmas that might occur in people's sexual life and their realization about it. Mr Arora is one of the positive experts in the field of sexology. Through my on line visit in his professional page I found out that he takes into consideration the factor of how to remain human and consult people towards positive practices for a harmonic and happy sexual life. I wish him to continue his social work with success and the same humanistic approach. Christina Skokou (student in neuropsychology & film major ) Friday , September 10th,2010

    Christina skokou
  39. This is really good..At least I haven't seen any other site in India which is providing this much of knowledge related to sexual health and then the facility of online consultation is the best thing of this site, you can share any of your problem with the Dr. which you feel awkward while discussing in front of the Dr. So I would like to say thank to Dr. Arora for his this effort and Congratulations too for his success in this.

  40. Due to busy lifestyle one may incur sexual disorder due to physical, psychological and social causes. Dr. Deepak Arora through adequate knowledge, experience and polite conversation is able to render proper & complete solution to every complicated issue. You can believe it. With regards, Sandi Peace

    Sandi Peace

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