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  1. It's grate experience once again in our sex life. Thanks Dr. arora god bless you.

  2. I was unable to maintain the erection for long and have to keeep reviving the erection between the duration of sex but now after the treatment I am happy and my wife is also satisfied with me. Dr. Arora god bless you.

    Sanjeev singh
  3. Thanks for your valuable response.

  4. premature ejaculation disturbed our sex life a lot, it was near break up but after the treatment from Dr. Arora it's amazing I can hold as I want to.

  5. Happy with answers in Online Consultation.

    Prashant Kumar Paul
  6. Good, I now have an hope to have the best sex, intercourse.

  7. Thanks for resolving my all the sexual problems.

    Ganesh Prasad Puhan
  8. sex ke time mujhe accha fil nahi hota tha Magar Ab bilkul theek hoon. dr. saheb ka dhanyawad karta hoon.

  9. Thanks Dr. Arora for helping us in my semen problem. Now my wife has conceived. Thanks again and God Bless you.

  10. Now I am completely out of my problem of Erectile Dysfunction.

  11. Thanks for helping me in fighting against my tensions related to sex problems.

  12. Yes you are true doctor

    Arvinder singh
  13. I was suffering with a problem of handpractise . i was to habbitual of it that i was destroying my life . i consulted Dr. Arora Sexologist and wiht his help I am perfectly all right now.

  14. Jub mai meri wife ke sath sex karta tha,tab mera jaldi shoot hota tha. Mai jada se jada sex ka anand lena chahata tha aur meri wife bhi. Magar mere shigharpatan se ye sab kharab ho raha tha. Magar ab Dr. Arora se Ilaaje ke baad sab bahut hi acha ho gaya hai, ab toh koi samasya hi nahin chahe kitna hi waqt lagaana chahoon laga pata hoon.

    Amol Modi
  15. I am facing ED and now hope that Dr. Arora will surly get me out of this probem.

    Mirza mohammed
  16. "Rate Your Sex Life" is really excllent thing online evulation .

    Mirza mohammed
  17. I was really up set when this came in front of me but now after the treatment and advise from Dr. Arora I can go with any girl.

  18. have disclosed the facts which i know age is 60 years but have strong desire for ladies around 30 yrs.old. Hope you will help me in this too.

    Dilip potnis
  19. Dear Sir,In my married life,there were no excitement regarding sex,if my wife felt so fattyness,then they insist for intercourse,thereafter long 15 days,there were no excitement. But now after your treatment it really amazing and we are enjoying our sex life at full of it.Thanks and god bless you.

  20. I was unable to maintain the erection for long and have to keeep reviving the erection between the duration of sex but now after the treatment I am happy and my wife is also satisfied with me. Dr. Arora god bless you. sanjeev singh

    Jitendra kumar joshi
  21. After sex my vagina was burning & also i was getting less satisfaction in sex some time only i satisfy but i required more but at that time his penis fell. But after getting the treatment from Dr. Arora for both of our problems we are enjoying a lot Thanks Dr. Arora

  22. I am Impressed with Online Consultation it helped us a lot.

    RM Saleem
  23. At the age of 42 feeling life 24 again after the Treatment from Dr. Arora. God Bless you.

  24. Thanks for helping us in getting our happiness back.

    Janardhan acharya
  25. I was worried a lot about my Penis size but now I am happy and tension free. Dr. Arora thanks a lot.

  26. Good site to resolve all your sex problems.

  27. I know you helped a lot of people, Please help me to get rid off Alcohol.

    Sanjay Bhattacharjee
  28. Your treatments are truly effective and giving long lasting results. Keep it up.

  29. Some times I was loosing my erection before intercourse but after the treatment of Dr. Arora it's good enough. God Bless Him.

  30. I was worried a lot about my penis size but Now I am 100% tension free. Thanks Dr. Arora

  31. Amazing Work Done Dr. Arora. Keep it up.

  32. My age is 54 and I am very much interested in sex and my wife also give response but some times she was feeling unhappy. I feel thought it was due to fast premature from my side I cannot stand for long when compare with partner. But Now After your treatment we are very Happy. Thanks Dr. Arora

  33. Thanks for helping me in my penis problem.

  34. I was unable to intercourse for a long time and was feeling weak after intercourse but now it amazing. Thanks Dr. Arora for your help to me.

    Sri B. Mukherjee
  35. thank you for your reply.

    Dharmesh m doshi
  36. I was having sex with the help of Medicines but after Dr. Arora all the dependence is over and I am Eveready.

  37. At the age of 50+ it really good result. Thanks Dr. Arora.

    Parag Desai
  38. Good job done for society by Dr. Arora

    Abde ali
  39. good to know dat its easy to rcover ,good way to asses. Thanks for your Rate Your Sex Life program.

    Love peddy kumar
  40. it will be appreciated thank u


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