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  1. I m very motivated with sex education on your site.

    Sanjay yadaw
  2. Really good job Dr. Arora.

    Kishore kumar
  3. Thanks Dr. Arora for the service of Online Consultation through which we can share our problems with the Doctor without feeling awkward which we normally face while discussing these issues with Doctors. Thanks again and your guidance really changed my life.

    Sanjay garg
  4. i am always curious to know more and more about sex and related problem

  5. realy its very good for all,male&female regards lekhan

  6. Dear Dr. I am vary happy and benefited with your online consultation facility.

    AK Sarkar
  7. thanks very much dr. sahab, this is very good job by you. thanks alot. vijay gupta

    Vijay gupta
  8. Thanks for helping us achieving a real sex life.

  9. Main sex karte time muskil se 3-4 min.hi ruk pata tha, Magar ab ilaj ke baad bahut samay lagta hai.Main bahut khush hoon. Dr. Sahib ka Thank you Karta hoon.

  10. Dear Sir, i am 28 years, i had ealy premature my dhatu was very plain and i was very week. Thanks for Helping me to come out of it. thanks

  11. Thanks Dr. Arora I am vary happy with your online consultation and Treatment. Now I am planning for Marriage and this all Happened due to your guidance. Thanks again.

    Babu George
  12. i think this is easiest way to slove the sex related problem from this site Thanks Dr. praveen

  13. Thanks for helping me to come out of my Problems.

    Lalit gedam
  14. Thanks for helping me alcohol and cigarette.

    Anirudh banerjee
  15. Thanks Dr. Arora I am really feeling good after consulting you online.

  16. It's really helps a lot to couple, Thanks to Dr. Arora for his Online Consultation.

    Sougata dey
  17. Thanks for resolving my problem of Premature Ejaculation.

  18. Really a vary help full site, specially the Rate Your Sex Life and Online Consultation. Good Keep it up.

  19. Happy to see that at least there is a Doctor who tries to give the society, really a good education and the right Treatments. thanks Dr. Arora

    Manoja Das
  20. It has changed my life, Thanks to Dr. Arora's Online Consultation.

  21. thanks a lot

    Raj bhat
  22. Thanks for helping me to come out of my Problems.thanks from the bottom of my heart

    Raj bhat
  23. it has been a good website for for those who can't leave their work to visit a doctor frequently for this kind of problem and for those also who feel shy going to counsel their problem. make it available at more websites and a direct and hassle free link is required. thank you.

    Jai kishan gupta

  25. Really great I am Happy and thankful to Dr. Arora for helping in resolving my problems.

  26. Thanks for helping me recovering from premature ejaculation, the whole credit goes to Dr. Arora's Online Consultation.

  27. Thanks for helping me coming out of my problem, you have really done a vary nice job. God Bless you. Thanks Dr. Arora

  28. I am really happy after getting relief from Erectile Dysfunction, the whole credit goes to Dr. Arora who helped me through his Online Consultation.

  29. Thanks Dr. Arora for saving our Married life.

    Rupinder Singh
  30. Thanks Dr. Arora you helped me a lot now I am 100% tension free and ready to get married.

  31. The great effort... I appreciate this.

  32. It's really good to see that in India is also having online sexual health clinic now. The credit goes to Dr. Arora

    Nagendra nath rai
  33. Really a good effort, congrates Dr. Arora

  34. Thanks now am totally tension free. thanks again for you online consultation.

    Ranu francis
  35. Thanks for helping me to come out of Premature Ejaculation, now my wife is fully satisfied with me.

  36. Congratulations for achieving the No. 1 Online Sex Clinic's Status in India.

  37. You truly deserve No. 1 Position. In Online Sex Clinics.

  38. The articles published by you related to Sex are very helpful for sex life and educative in nature.

  39. It's really a good job in the field of Sex, and helped me a lot to come out of my Sex problems. Keep It Up.

    Raj Joshi
  40. Thanks Dr. Arora helping us in resolving our Sex Problems. I am really impressed with your knowledge and professional dedication.Truly Good Sexologist/Sex Specialist. God Bless you.

    Partha Biswas

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