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  1. very useful site for every disappoint person in sex life. very nice and usefull idea for new generation.

  2. Proper guidance and information is the need of the hour for indian men and women.... JIMS

  3. I called Dr. Arora today (Sat 2nd May) and I am so pleased and impress that he gave not only took my call on his day off, but listen me and gave me his professional opinion. And after having conversation with him, I felt on ease and he is really a nice person as well. I will recommend him to any one for advise on sexual issues. Shafiq

  4. dr.arora is a nice person

  5. I m really thankful to Dr. ARORA for creating such a helpful site for d new generation so dat they can openly share the problems which they r facing & can't share wid anyone.this site is very helpful more & more people r going to get benefit from this site. My best wishes r wid him. thanks to u DR. ARORA Warm regards, mohitgandhi.

  6. i am a relieved person after talking to Dr. Arora . He listened to me for an hour, answered all my questions , gave me an advice to love ones personal life and be out of the usual rat race of earning more and more money. He is good person who wishes healthy life for everybody. kiran

  7. I have been writing articles on sex and relationship since last few months and lately I came across Dr. Arora. I must admit that his understanding for the subject is commendable, thus whatever inputs he gives me for my stories, they simply add value for the readers. So far, whatever I have spoken to him about, he makes it a point that he gives me avast viewpoint on the same, so that the facts and information can be put together in a manner which is easily understood by all. I would really congratulate him for this website and I am sure just like people read our articles on sex and relationship, this platform would be another interesting add-on. Thanks

    Monika Rawal
  8. good side....

  9. Very Good Site, Must for every one to know which will reduce divorce cases in city, lack of knowledge is the evil,shy men may clarify their doubts very useful....... Thanks and all the best in your endeavour doctor,,,,....>>>>>

  10. I am 48years old and really amazing to go thro' Dr.Arora's sex eduction. I would like to emphisis that above 45yrs age group this web site is must.

  11. This is really a very good and informative website

  12. This service is better advice able service for all.

  13. Looking for a positive solution to the problem

    Ankit Patel
  14. Thanks to this type of website from where a lot sexual/infertility problem could be learnt and solved

    Guniram Boro
  15. Ok, fine for suggesting

    Rajib Banik
  16. its very good!

  17. I am working in the field of HIV/AIDS in Andhra Pradesh and associated with HIV infected people's network as program manger. I often come accross with several problems relating to sex. Hope this site will provide me tips to cater the needs of youth.

  18. excellent doctor

  19. the sugessions that you gave me were really encouraging. thankq for your expert advice. regards, anish.


  21. ok

  22. Its really good survery.I am really happy about the questionnarie. I will refer the website to all my friends and relatives. I hope to get recovered from my disease with the help of online consultations.Great work done Dr. Arora. Regards, Veenit

  23. This is a a very good online forum to discuss and get the solution related to all the sex related problems.Thanks alot to Dr. Arora for bringing this good site on internet which will help people benefit throughout the world.

  24. It is nice to receive a encourageable suggestions from you.

    Rameswar Soren
  25. heartiest TNX......

  26. Thanks Dr. Arora for saving our Marriage.

  27. realy its very good for all,specially for married person.

    Yogesh kumar
  28. I am vary happy with your Online Consultation, it really changed our life, now we are actually enjoy the sex part of our married life.Thanks Dr. Arora.

    Sandeep mehra
  29. Really It is very very good site in present time. Very clean, Very Informative and very useful for today's male and female

  30. Thanks for treating my problem

    Lokesh bidhuri
  31. Thanks a lot for such a knowledgeable information.

    Sushil Patial
  32. Thanks a lot for such a knowledgeable information

    Doonger singh gehlot
  33. Thanks for resolving my problem of short fall. Thanks again

  34. i was facing problem in maintaining erection and not able to have successful intercourse, but now it really amazing, I think now we are living and earlier we were passing our life.

    Shaan arora
  35. Thanking you very much for your tips day to day.

    B.T. Kumar
  36. Thanks for giving me the right solutions for my problems. Thanks once again I am really very happy.

    B T Kumar
  37. Go A Head......Great Job Dr.

  38. Thanks . very nice site with lots of information .

  39. i was having a problem of early ejaculation and this site and Dr.'s Consultation helped a lot to come out of it.

    Mahesh rateshwar
  40. dear sir, i am very thankful to solve the same my problems.


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