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  1. fchc

  2. After submitting the answer for the questionnaire ,got the result and the result is positive.But I am not a married man. I am going to be married. Could you please tell me that the treatment is possible through online it really helpful?

    Rajiv Roy
  3. ok sir i am thinking for surgery to improve sexual organ size which is small, for that suggest me

    Vijay sonune
  4. Need Urs guidance, and hope that your online consultation will help me in that.

    Vijay sonune
  5. I read and i agree your site is very good to take a lesson how to face a sex problem with confidence. Keep it up.

  6. Your result only shows what I answered, it didn't reduced my concern. Please guide me where & which doctor to consult for my problem. Is this treatable by any chance? What would be approx cost of the treatment? Thanks


    Durgesh Kumar
  8. Very good and informative site andservice about Online Consultatione my problems and sex no sacuaful am agar ap masg.hindi mai da to acharahaga.thanku sir. hello dr.arora ji aap bahut aacha kaam kar rahe hain. Namaste Sir.

  9. I am a bangladeshi. I have more suxul probelem from long time now Iwant to meet Dr Arora how it possible to tell me,and give Dr phone number thank you,

  10. Sir, i have some clarify...Actually i'm 21 years male and i have low size penis.Is it create any problem during my sex...

  11. Dear Sir, Let me know about how i will do sex i am feeling so uneasy to do sex.Actually during the sex my Gender has not tempted pl.conform me what i do.Thanks Tushar.

    Tushar kant khatua
  12. Thx for the suggestion.

    Farhad Reza
  13. pls help me in my problem i dont know any other sexologist pls reply my comment.

  14. I am having problem of Ejaculation during foreplay. If the next girl press my penis during foreplay I Ejaculate. I was thinking it happened due to excitement but it happened 5-6 times till now. So I am thinking there may be some issue. What you think is the possibility? Currently I am not in India so I cant visit the clinic.

  15. I am 63 years of age and Still get ejaculations once in a fortnight by stimulation. But I cannot keep errect for a long time. Can I take some kind of viagra?

  16. i am suffering from pre mature ejaculation. how do i overcome the problem?? please suggest any medicines for the same.

    M A Rahman Khan
  17. But still I am facing early ejaculation.need help on this issue. Regards Jai

  18. Please let me know my rating.

    Sanjay Mitter
  19. i have problem of maintaining erecting upto long. how can i resolve it by natural excercises?

    Ashi Jain
  20. No comments as of now

    Deepesh Arora
  21. hi, sir i m working in reliance.i allready talk to u on mobile a month earlier.i will get married on 1 may.i have a problem and i want to consult with u pls help me ...

    Amit gupta
  22. my penis is so small. I have a problem in ED within 1-2 minutes everything has completed. my partner is very much angry for that. plz suggest

    Debasish roy chowdhury
  23. sir i have marriage 8 yrs old but there is no baby becouse my sperms is very low about 30% motility and 25 million and my wife all reports is normal so please suggeast me how possible concive a baby i wating for your reply

  24. pls refer me a doctor in new delhi...thanks for helping me

    Sharad kr. bishnoi
  25. Hi I live in the UK and you were recommended by a friend. I am an alcoholic and want to be cured. I understand you have some medicine that can help me give up this illness. My wife is flying over to India/Chandigar in 2 weeks times would she be able to purchase this for me? Or can I get this sent on line via post? Please advise. Thanks, Bobby

    Bobby shaheed
  26. i also get the night fall and i have not done masturbation from last 8 years

    Shikant garg
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    Aaa louis vuitton

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