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  1. It's really great to see a site like this and that too in India, really good.It was very Important to Spread Sex Education. Keep It Up.

  2. Dr. Arora your Online Consultation for Sex Problems is really great I am impressed.

  3. At my age I never throught even that I can have the feeling of being young again and the same performance in the bed, Thanks Sexologist/Sex Specialist Dr. Arora for for helping me in achieving the same feeling,confidence, the same strength, and an Excellent Sex Life too.

    Nuna Chadha
  4. Thanks for your Guidance,this is the best way to get knowledge about the Sex related subject.

    Rupinder Singh
  5. Yes the view is Good about the Sex Problems and Sexologist/Sex Specialist Dr. Arora.

  6. Thanks for Helping me in resolving my Sex Problem. Dr. Arora you are truly a good Sexologist.

  7. Thanks for Helping us having a good sex life and it all has happened with the consultation and treatment of Sexologist Dr. Arora who treated our sex problems and helped us a lot through consultation and counseling.

    Rahul Sharma
  8. It's good to see a site specially Dedicated to Sex Problems. IT's very helpful.

    Rahul Sharma
  9. Thanks for helping us to get a good Sex Life, once again.

  10. Good on the part of Dr Arora to come up with such a site. Now people can get true help w/o feeling embarrassed about their Sex Problems.

  11. Sir,i have seen ur site.i think i now feel free 2 share all the sex related problems.

    Raj Kumar Sahoo
  12. This is great site dedicated to sex problems. The content in this site is really helpful for all the age groups. The information on this site is simple & easy to understand.

    Pushpendra Singh
  13. Now I am getting hope to come out of my Sex Problems.

  14. Living happily after getting rid off my Sex Problems. Dr. Arora God Bless you.

  15. Mere seegrapatan ho jata tha? Magar ab theek hoon Dr. Arora ji ka thanks karta hoon mere sex problem ko theek karne kee

    Hari Mohan
  16. I am out of my Premature Ejaculation and it all happened with your advise and treatment Dr. Arora. Thanks a lot.

    S. M. Rahman
  17. Thanks for your quick reply for my query on "Rate your Sex Life".

    Harry Singh
  18. First time got the right Sexologist/Sex Specialist who really helped me a lot.

  19. I am living happily after the treatment from Dr. Arora my wife has also stopped throwing tantrums and fighting with. Now we both are very happy the whole credit goes to Dr. Arora.

  20. Thanks for better information about Sex .

  21. Thanks for wishing me excellent sex life.

  22. I visited your site the first time and found it very interesting and got impressed a lot with your work, Now I would like to go for the treatments from you.

    Avinash Singh
  23. It was really an amazing experience while going through online consultation with dr. arora, he is really good.

  24. Advice is satisfactory

    Pranabananda chakraborty
  25. I think that I have got the right advise related to my sex problems first time in my life

  26. Thanks Dr. Arora Sexologist/Sex Specialist you have really changed our life. God Bless you.

  27. Thankyou for rating about my problems.i want online consultation from you for speedy recovry and also know what type of physical exercises i have to do. Thanks & Regards Prasanna

  28. It's a good site for married couples and helps a lot to resolve their sex related problems. Dr. Arora is doing a great job. Keep it up.

    Patrudu gamesh
  29. We are getting good results with in the first week after getting the advise from Dr. arora.

  30. I was in great trouble and was afraid of Girls due to my sex problems but Dr. Arora helped me a lot in getting confidence and the normal sex life.

  31. I was not able to satisfy my wife before the treatment but now after the treatment it's great and some times she says that it's enough "Please leave me I have reached Orgasm so many times" I feel proud of me. Thanks Dr. Arora

  32. I am happy to see the site and effort of Dr. Arora to help people to come out of their Sex Problems.

    O p kapoor
  33. Now my Husband is happy with me, Thanks to Dr. Arora who's treatments created a good interest of mine in Sexual Act.

  34. Being a Diabetic I never thought that we can have the same sex life again but Thanks to Dr. Arora who made it a reality. God Bless him.

  35. Good site, Good Effort. I would say more and more people should join the site to get benefited.

  36. Now I am able to satisfy my wife. Thanks for helping me.

  37. Dear Dr. Arora we are highly obliged for your effort you made to help us.

  38. After retirement I never thought to feel like a newly married man, but Now I am really feeling the same energy in me. and it happened with Dr. Arora's treatments

  39. I am very happy with online cunsultatation

    Rajesh sule
  40. I was afraid of Marriage but now after the consultation and treatment from Dr. Arora I am fully confident and planing to get married soon.


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